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Michael Perry Massage Provincetown


I had referred pain in my foot from a muscle in my gluteus maximus impacting the sciatic nerve. I’d turn and hit it and feel an electric shock in my foot. A doctor explained the problem but could do nothing. I happened to mention it to Michael before a massage, not anticipating he could do anything more than soften the muscle and lessen the shock, but magically, it seems, he cured it; it’s a month later and the problem hasn’t recurred.
John Clayton – Wellfleet MA

After his massage, I am not only physically relaxed and energized but also have a calmness of mind and spirit that comes from Michael’s heart and soul.
Mark – New York NY

From one colleague to another, you’re extremely talented and I wish you all the best with your future career. I certainly look forward to booking another appointment the next time that I visit the Cape.
Lee – London England

His level of skill and creativity with the work made it one of my best experiences with massage therapy.
Sarah Harrington – Polarity/Massage Therapist Providence RI

His positive energy and the quaint nature of his space added to the comfort of the experience. Thank you, Michael!
Sheri Lachance – Licensed Massage Therapist Providence RI